Coyotes in Torrance

Coyotes in Torrance

In the last two years Torrance has experienced a proliferation of coyotes that has yet to be explained.  Noteworthy, the entire South Bay and most of the entire country are also experiencing this problem. 

Coyotes are now found in New York City and other major metropolitan areas too.  In fact, there are very few areas in the USA where there are no coyotes. And, that is probably because there are predators in those areas that prey on coyotes.

We have received countless suggestions on how to address the situation, and I certainly wish the problem was as easy to remedy as some folks believe and assert.

The city has spent more than $200,000 and countless man hours addressing the problem.  And, our efforts have been replicated by many cities in the Southbay and other areas because our Coyote Management Plan is considered the best.  In fact it probably meets the “best practices” level.

In fact, incidents in Torrance where pets have been attacked by coyotes have decreased considerably.  Through education people have learned to not let there animals roam freely.  They have learned to not feed pets outdoors.  They have learned how to haze coyotes.  I recognize that these methods don’t satisfy some folks, but a city – just like its citizens – must comply with State and Federal laws.

Is this a life style change!  Absolutely!  My wife and I have 3 small dogs.  And, we have changed the way we care for them. We have installed motion detection lights and other deterrents.  We don’t let them out alone from dawn to dusk. Is the change annoying?  Sure!  But, sometimes we have to adapt. 

It is easy for someone to rhetorically ramble on a blog site.  But, it is not easy to resolve a naturally occurring phenomenon such as the proliferation of coyotes.  They are everywhere.

I suggest that you look on the city website and review our Coyote Management Plan.  It has lots of empirical data and suggestions on how folks can address the problem within the law.

For detailed information how Torrance is addressing the Coyote problem, go to


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