Street Sweeping

Optimized Street Sweeping

In 2012 the city initiated an “Optimized Street Sweeping” program in Torrance.  

The purpose of the program is to clean every street in the city almost every week.  The goal is avoid sending trash and particulate run off into the watersheds that service Torrance.  It is a creative program with many side benefits – compliance with the clean water act, avoidance of fines being levied and improving the cleanliness of our city.

As the program has rolled out, we have received a number of complaints from just about every neighborhood.  And, we have also received accolades from residents in just about every neighborhood.

In response to the complaints, staff is preparing a comprehensive report on the street sweeping program, which we will provide to you and everyone in the community who is concerned.

The rhetorical misinformation and/or misstatements that have arisen on social media are not new.  Perhaps more creative, but not new.

I’m very hopeful that after citizens receive factual information on the program they will understand why the program was instituted and just how important it is.

No one in the city wants to ticket and fine residents to deepen city coffers.  The purpose is to adhere – as best as we can – to the clean water act, avoid costly penalties and, perhaps, even clean our environment.

After a bit of factual education, I  believe everyone will understand that our goals are genuine, and overshadow the inconvenience of no parking for a few hours a week.

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